Corporate History


Prestige Brands, Inc. forms as joint venture between Medtech Labs (Wyoming-based consumer products company) and The Shansby Group (San Francisco based private equity investment firm).

OTC healthcare brands are acquired from American Home Products and Wyeth Laboratories. These brands include: Compound W wart remover, New Skin liquid bandage, Dermoplast antiseptic spray and Percogesic pain relievers.


Medtech relocates headquarters to Irvington, NY.


February - Medtech Labs is acquired by Golden Rauner II, a Chicago-based private equity firm. Simultaneously, Golden acquires Spic and Span and Cinch all purpose cleaner, founding The Spic and Span Company.


April – Medtech/Spic and Span Company acquires the Florida-based Bonita Bay Holdings, Inc. (parent company of Prestige Brands, Inc.) and consolidates all three businesses into one operation under the name Prestige Brands. Prestige acquires Chloraseptic sore throat treatment, Clear Eyes eye care products, Murine eye and ear case products, Prell shampoo and Comet household cleansers in the process.

October – Prestige Brands completes the acquisition of Little Remedies OTC pediatric products from Vetco.


February – Prestige Brands initiates a successful public offering under trading symbol PBH.

Sept. 30th - Fiscal ’05 revenues approach $290 million.


Prestige Brands acquires The Doctor’s NightGuard dental protector.


Prestige Brands acquires the legendary Chore Boy sponges and scrubbers.


A new management team with a bold new strategy emerges, creating increased shareholder value and a long-term focus.


Prestige Brands acquires five impressive brands to add to their portfolio from Blacksmith Brands: PediaCare children’s medicines, Luden's throat drops, Efferdent and Effergrip denture care, and NasalCrom allergy prevention.

Prestige Brands obtains Dramamine Motion Sickness.


Prestige Brands acquires 17 brands from GlaxoSmithKline, which include: Beano, Fiber Choice, BC, Goody’s and Ecotrin. This makes Prestige Brands the largest independent OTC product company in the U.S.

March 31 – Prestige experiences a record fourth quarter and year end revenues.


May 2013 - Prestige reported record yearly revenues of $624 Million.

July 2013 - Acquisition of Care Pharmaceuticals, of Bondi Junction, Australia


May 2014 - Acquisition of Hydralyte, the leading line of oral rehydration products in Australia and New Zealand. The brand is marketed and sold by Care Pharmaceuticals, the Company’s subsidiary in Australia.

September 2014 – Acquisition of Insight Pharmaceuticals, makers of Monistat®, EPT®, Nix®, Anacin® and other OTC healthcare products.


November 2015 - Entered into a definitive agreement to acquire DenTek™ Oral Care, Inc. (“DenTek”), a privately-held marketer and distributor of oral care products, with a closing date of February 8th 2016.


July 2016 - Prestige Brands completes the divesture of three of its non-core over-the-counter healthcare brands New Skin®, PediaCare® and Fiber Choice® to Moberg Pharma AB of Stockholm, Sweden.

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